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European Classical Mahjong Scoring


European Mahjong Scoring - Chow
Chow - a set composed of three sequential Suit tiles.
European Mahjong Scoring - Pair
Pair - a set composed of two identical tiles.
European Mahjong Scoring - Pung
Pung - a set composed of three identical tiles.
European Mahjong Scoring - Kong
Kong - a set composed of four identical tiles.

- Sequential pattern that is of no value at all. Must contain only 3 tiles.
Pung - Three of a kind.
Kong - Four of a kind.
Pair - Two of a kind.

Winning hand

Winning hand must contain 4 sets and a pair. For example
European Mahjong ScoringEuropean Mahjong ScoringEuropean Mahjong Scoring
European Mahjong ScoringEuropean Mahjong ScoringEuropean Mahjong ScoringEuropean Mahjong ScoringEuropean Mahjong ScoringEuropean Mahjong ScoringEuropean Mahjong ScoringEuropean Mahjong ScoringEuropean Mahjong ScoringEuropean Mahjong ScoringEuropean Mahjong Scoring

2 chow (6, 7, 8 / 1, 2, 3)
2 pung (3s and Red Dragon)
1 pair (North wind)


Player position definition is the opposite of normal playing cards

E   W

Each player must place two layers of 17 tiles on top of each other in front of him. The layers of the 4 players will then form a wall which forms the stock for the game and the discard place for the discarded tiles.


Dealer is always east
Dealer deals 13 tiles to all except himself who receives 14.
Deal counter clockwise in sets of 4
For each Kong in a set an extra tile is received from the dead pile


The Current player discards his/her tile on his/her side and the players may claim the tile only if they can form a complete set (chow, pung, kong).

If a set is formed by claiming a tile then it is placed (melded) in front of the player. These sets contain fewer points than the concealed sets which are formed by drawing tiles from the stock.

You cannot claim for a pair unless you are going out.

You cannot claim for a tile already melded in a pung to declare a kong (BUT you can add a tile to a previously melded pung if the tile is drawn from the wall).

Any player may claim a tile irrespective of the turn. If two players are claiming a tile, then the meld with the highest value wins. If both have the same value, then the player who's next wins

If a player claims a tile then play continues from the next player following the one who claimed the tile.

Next Deal

At the end of a hand the deal passes counter clockwise and the player who was South becomes East, UNLESS the dealer won the round in which case the deal does not pass. The player who was west becomes south, the player who was north becomes west and the player who was east becomes north. After all the players have dealt once another round starts and the prevailing wind changes as follows (East --> South --> West --> North).

Things to remember

Chow can only be taken if the tile is discarded by the person before you.
Each Kong must be declared.
A melded pung can be converted into a Kong ONLY if the tile completing the Kong is in drawn from the wall.

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