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Mahjong Competition Scoring

2 POINTS HANDS – Total of 10 hands

14. Draqon Pung
A Pung or Kong of Dragon Tiles. May be concealed or melded.

15. Prevalent Wind
A Pung of the Table Wind which corresponds to the round in progress. May be concealed or melded.

16. Seat Wind
A Pung or Kong of the Wind Tile, corresponding to the player's Seat position of the table (always East when the player is the dealer; for the other players, proceeds in the order South-West-North to the right of the dealer). May be concealed or melded.

17. Concealed Hand
Having a concealed hand (no melded sets) and going out off a player's discard.

18. All Chows
A hand consisting of all runs and no honors.

* Can be finished with any type of wait (Single, Closed, Edge, etc.)

19. Tile Hog
Using all four of a single suit tile without declaring them as a Kong. A Concealed Kong or Melded Kong does not also count as Tile Hog.

20. Double Pung
Two Pungs of the same numbers in two different suits (2-2-2 Bamboos + 2-2-2 Dots).

21. Two Concealed Pungs
Two Pungs which are achieved without claiming.

22. Concealed Kong
Created when four identical tiles, all drawn, are declared as a Kong.

23. All Simples
A hand formed without Terminal or Honor tiles.

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