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Mahjong Competition Scoring
Hong Kong Mahjong Scoring
American Style Mah Jongg Scoring
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Mahjong Competition Scoring

You can view the scoring summary in the Official International Mahjong Rule Scoring Chart:

Chinese Mahjong Scoring
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The one who declares mahjong is the only one who gets to score points. The points are based on the contents of the winning hand. The points are added together in a simple sum. Then, the flower tiles are counted apart from the 8 point minimum. Finally, depending on the mahjong by someone's discard or by self-drawn, additional points are added to determine the final score and then translated into payments or point deductions.

In summary, the payments or point deductions are calculated based upon two different ways of declaring mahjong:

1. By someone's discard:
a. The winner receives 8 points or chips from each of the three opponents.
b. The winner also receives points or chips from the player who discarded the winning tile equal to the points scored by the winning player.
c. For example: If a player win's by someone discard with the total of 10 points + 2 flower tiles = 12 points, he or she will receive 8 + 8 + 8 = 24 points + 12 points from the discarder for a grand total of 36 points or chips. Example 50
2. By self-drawn:
a. Add 8 points to the value of the winning hand.
b. The winner receives this amount from each of the three opponents.
c. For example: If a player wins by self-drawn with a total of 10 points + 2 flower tiles = 12 points, he or she will add 8 points to the hand for a revised total of 20 points, and will receive 20 + 20 + 20 = 60 points or chips.
As you can see, there is a tremendous advantage to finishing a hand self-drawn!

Warning! Be careful when announcing mahjong and revealing your hand without the minimum 8 points! This will cost you a penalty of 30 or 60 points (10 or 20 points to the other three players).

If a player declares mahjong but the hand is worth less than 8 points, he forfeits 10 points to each of the other three players respectively, and is not permitted to win the current hand.

If a player is waiting and mistakenly calls mahjong on a discard (perhaps thinking it to be a different tile, or has more or less than the number of tiles necessary for mahjong, he forfeits 20 points to the other three players respectively, and is forbidden to win the current hand.

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