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Zung Jung - Mahjong Scoring

Consecutive sets are sets in the same suit in consecutive numbers. The patterns here require three or more such sets.
Nine-Tile Straight (一氣通貫) : 40
A "123" sequence, a "456" sequence, and a "789" sequence, all in the same suit.
(The hand must contain exactly the three sequences listed above.)
Example: 1萬2萬3萬4萬5萬6萬7萬8萬9萬
Three Consecutive Triplets (三連刻) : 100
Three triplets/kong in consecutive numbers in the same suit.
Example: 4萬4萬4萬5萬5萬5萬6萬6萬6萬
Four Consecutive Triplets (四連刻) : 200
Four triplets/kong in consecutive numbers in the same suit.
Example: 4萬4萬4萬5萬5萬5萬6萬6萬6萬7萬7萬7萬

Terminals are the 1 and 9 number tiles.
The Greater patterns consist of terminal tiles only, while the Lesser patterns include also "123" and "789" sequences.

Mixed Lesser Terminals (混全帶么) : 40
Every of the 4 sets in the hand, as well as the pair of eyes, includes a terminal tile or an honor tile.
Example: 1索1索1索1萬2萬3萬7筒8筒9筒中中中9萬9萬
Pure Lesser Terminals (純全帶么) : 50
Every of the 4 sets in the hand, as well as the pair of eyes, includes a terminal number tile.
Example: 1索2索3索1萬1萬1萬7萬8萬9萬9筒9筒9筒1索1索
Mixed Greater Terminals (混么九) : 100
The hand consists entirely of terminal tiles and honor tiles.
Example: 9索9索9索1萬1萬1萬9筒9筒9筒發發發1筒1筒
Pure Greater Terminals (清么九) : 400
The hand consists entirely of terminal number tiles.
Example: 1索1索1索9萬9萬9萬1筒1筒1筒9筒9筒9筒9索9索
Lucky bonuses for winning on rare opportunities.
Final Draw (海底撈月) : 10
Self-draw win on the "seabed" tile (the last tile in the wall, excluding the king's tiles).
Final Discard (河底撈魚) : 10
Winning on a discarded "riverbed" tile (the last discard by the player who has drawn the seabed tile).
Win on Kong (嶺上開花) : 10
Self-draw win on a "supplement" tile (after declaring a kong).
(If the supplement tile is also the seabed tile, both patterns can be counted.)
Robbing a Kong (搶槓) : 10
Winning by robbing a kong (when another player makes a "small exposed kong").
Blessing of Heaven (天和) : 155
East winning with his initial 14-tile hand.
(Does not count if East has made a concealed kong.)
Blessing of Earth (地和) : 155
A non-East player calling with his initial 13-tile hand, and winning on East's very first discard.
Does not count if East has made a concealed kong.
Irregular Hands are hands that do not consist of 4 sets and a pair.
Thirteen Terminals (十三么九) : 160
Among the 13 types of terminals and honors, the hand contains one pair of one type, and one tile each of the other 12 types.
Seven Pairs (七對子) : 30
The hand consists of seven pairs.
Example: 2索2索6萬6萬1筒1筒7筒7筒白白西西北北
Four identical tiles can count as two pairs as long as kong is not declared.
A Seven Pairs hand cannot count those patterns which specifically require triplets, kong, or sequences. But it can count other patterns which do not have such requirements.
(A Seven Pairs hand is always a "Concealed Hand", so it scores at least 25+5=30 points.)


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