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마작 타임- FAQ


  1. Is playing games on Mahjong Time legal?
  2. Isn’t playing on Mahjong Time considered gambling?
  3. How does Mahjong Time make money?
  4. Whom do I contact if I have questions about fairness or think a player is cheating?
  5. What information does the Anti-Collusion Department need to know about a case of suspected cheating?
  6. Some people win all the time, and I rarely do. Why is that?

Q: Is playing games on Mahjong legal?
A: Yes. The tournaments organized on Mahjong Time are the same as chess tournaments or varieties of skill-based games that are played for cash and prizes all over the world for years. We have simply taken the same format.

Mahjong is a game based upon player’s skill and not chance. This is different from lotteries or games played in casinos, where the players are faced with set odds and skill does not come into play.

Moreover, players never play against “the house/dealer” and there is always a winner based on the player’s skills.
Although the distinctions between skill-based games and games of chance are clear, there are few states within the U.S. that have not permitted skill-based games to be played for cash or prizes. If you live in one of these states, you can only play at Mahjong Time on a free basis without cash or prizes.

Q: Isn’t playing on Mahjong Time considered gambling?
A: No. Gambling is defined by most states as involving a "consideration" (wager), an activity involving chance, and a monetary or merchandise reward. Since Mahjong is based on skill, it's the skill of the player, not luck, which determines the outcome of any tournament, so they are not considered to be gambling activities.

Equally important, players play against each other, not against Mahjong Time. Mahjong Time never makes money from the outcome of a competition. Mahjong Time instead makes money for setting up and managing competitions between players.

Q: How does Mahjong Time make money?
A: Just like the host of any tournaments, Mahjong Time collects a percentage of each player’s entry fee every time they enter a tournament in exchange for providing the platform and managing the tournament. Mahjong Time has no interest in the outcome of any competition, and never acts as the house.

Q: Whom do I contact if I have questions about fairness or think a player is cheating?
A: We have implemented an anti-cheating system within our state-of-the-art gaming platform to flag any potential irregularities. If you believe that a player is cheating or misbehaving, please contact us or while in a game press the Live Help button located on the upper menu bar.

Q: What information does the Anti-Collusion Department need to know about a case of suspected cheating?
A: While reporting a suspected cheating case please be as descriptive as possible, bring details about what made you think that a player (or more) cheats (Mahjong style, possible cheating partners, the name of the game you suspect that the player cheated, the time when the game took place). It is very advisable to bring explanations of how do you think that player cheated. Please keep in mind that a collusion offense is a very serious one and accusations brought foreword should be made argumentatively and with as many facts as possible.

Please do not accuse the player publicly or privately and let Mahjong Time address the issues with the player.

Q: Some people win all the time and I rarely do. Why is that?
A: Mahjong is a game of skill, and some people are more skilled than others. Your skill improves as you play, and those who win a lot of competitions started off just like you! If you've played a number of tournaments or other competitions but haven't won, here are some suggestions:

  1. Try entering the tournament with fewer players.
  2. Try playing at different times of the day, when there is a different mix of people competing.
  3. Try playing with players of your rating levels.
  4. Read the rules of the game carefully to ensure that you aren't missing any opportunities to score more points.

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