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MahjongTime News

Announcing Mahjong Time's Guilds!

Our Guilds enable players to have exciting weekly competition! You can create a Guild by country/region or perhaps by mutual interest! It's up to you, we give our players freedom to make new Guilds. Simply email Support to get started!

This is a great way for all Mahjong Time players to get to personally know some of their favorite fellow players!

Here are some of the exciting details:

  • Each Guild has a maximum of 12 members so you should join quickly.

  • Guild leaders

    • Contact if you are interested in being a Guild leader. Quarterly elections among Guild members will be held for Guilds where there is interest in more than two players being the Leader.

    • Leaders are responsible for contacting and recruiting new players - and will be rewarded with special recognition and other benefits

    • Mahjong Time is providing Twitter accounts for each Guild leader

  • Weekly competition with scoring as follows:


    • Fun Games and Cash Games: count as 1 x Guild Members game score
    • Free Roll Qualifier Play: counts as 2 x Guild Members game score
    • Free Roll Tournament: counts as 3 x Guild Members game score
    • ONLY POSITIVE SCORING counts towards the overall Guild score for the week - just like our Mahjong Time jackpot!

  • Prizes for Weekly Competition

    • Weekly winning Guild members, that have contributed a positive score to his/her Guild, receive 5000 Dragon Chips on their Mahjong Time account

    • Most active player of the winning Guild receives a one-month free VIP membership or 8000 Dragon Chips (if the player has an active subscription).

    Play Time Limit: The maximum play time is up to 12 hours within a 24 hours period.

How to Sign Up:

All sign up and questions should be routed through Support! Contact Support IMMEDIATELY at and refer to Marina Cozearschi with the guild that you wish to run! They can also give you all the information you need about how the Guilds will work!

You can view the existing Guilds and their score on the Guilds Score page.

Upcoming Features:

  • Guild logo on player avatars (Guild members can create their own exciting logos)

  • Inter-Guild tournaments

  • Bigger prizes as the number of Guilds continues to grow

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