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MahjongTime News
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MahjongTime News

Mahjong Time Mobile app is released for iPhone and iPad!

The future of online Mahjong gaming is has been expanded as the highly anticipated Mahjong Time Mobile app is released for iPhone and iPad! Mahjong Time Mobile allows players with a smartphone or tablet device to play multiplayer Mahjong using a 3g, 4g or WiFi connection. The app currently supports all Apple iOS and Google Android devices.

Mahjong Time Mobile currently features:
  • Wireless gameplay across the world using 3g, 4g, or WiFi
  • The ability to play fun games and Mahjong school games
  • Competition with PC and mobile players in the same games
  • Support for all the Mahjong styles offered at Mahjong Time
  • Community features such as Guild gameplay
More community features such as in-game chat and tournament support are coming soon! Search “Mahjong Time” in the Google/Apple app markets or scan the QR code below to get started!

Google Android iPhone/iPad

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Mahjong - Mobile
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