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MahjongTime News

The Best Games Contest: Week of Dec 31, 2007

The staff at Mahjong Time is pleased to announce the games selected for the honor of Best Games of the Week. These contests were played from December 31, 2007 to January 6, 2008. Please note that only cash games are eligible to be selected for the Best Games of the Week and only Mahjong Time members are eligible to view replays of these games.

All Mahjong Time members can comment on these great games. Below you’ll find instructions on how to access the three Best Games of the Week played from December 31, 2007 to January 6, 2008 and all further games in this highly competitive contest. Please remember that all 3 of these games will participate in the Best Games of the Month contest and the winner of the Best Game of the Month in each category will earn a prize of $150. There will be 3 total prizes for each mahjong style (HK,CO,JM)!

Once you review the games, you’ll be able to share your thoughts on them with the entire Mahjong Time community through our blog. In order for your observations about the Best Games of the Week to be considered by our judges, you’ll need to use your real Mahjong Time nickname. Anonymous comments or those with unregistered names will not be used in our evaluation process.

Linking to the Best Games of the Week involves five simple steps:

  1. Login to your Mahjong Time account. View Example

  2. On the top right hand corner of the page you’ll see the “Information” bar. Select “My Saved Games.” (The Best Games of the Week are saved to all member accounts.) View Example

  3. On My Saved Games screen:
    • Click on radio button and select the date range from 31- 12- 07 to 06- 1- 08
    • On the Search by dropdown select the Game Id option
    • To replay the CO game enter 673035 in the textbox
    • To replay the HK game enter 673273 in the textbox
    • To replay the JM game enter 672665 in the textbox
    • Check the “Show only Cash Games” checkbox
    • Click Go button View Example

  4. You’ll be taken to the “Search Results” window. Select the name of the game you’d like to review and then click on the “Review” button. View Example

  5. The game you’ve chosen will come up. You’ll be able to review and control it using buttons at the bottom of your screen. View Example
You can watch the game at your own pace and, post your comments on our blog.

Post a comment now!

Remember that in order to do this you’ll need to have a Mahjong Time subscription. This is a prime time for mahjong players to join the most competitive, innovative and secure mahjong site on the Web. Remember that, a subscription will give you easy access to the exciting cash games that have been selected as the Best Games of the Week. Furthermore, you’ll be able to share your insights into each of these games with the entire Mahjong Time family.

Subscribing is fast and easy. There are various membership plans from which you may choose. Simply login to your MahjongTime Account: and click on Subscribe banner on the home page of the game.

Need a help how to become a member?

We look forward to reading your reactions to our first three Best Games of the Week, and we hope that you’ll continue to enjoy the competition, camaraderie and good times that you’re guaranteed to find at Mahjong Time.


The Staff at
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