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Sanma Rules

Number of players 3 Number of players at the table
Player Winds East, South, West Seat winds for players at the table
Game type Cash Game types allowed to use this ruleset
Distribution end Win, draw, bankruptcy Conditions that cause the end of the current distribution
Tonpusen Starting score:
25 000 points
Applies to tables only with the East Round
Hanchan Starting score:
30 000 points

Applies to tables with both East and South Rounds

Uma 1st place: +5000,
2nd place: 0,
3rd place: -5000
Bonus points given at the end of the game to player on the 1st position by the one on the 3rd
Double East payment No Does the East pay double in case someone claims Tsumo
Tiles in the game 108 The number of tiles in the set used for the game
Dead wall 18 The number of tiles in the dead wall
Chii No Able to claim Chii in the game
Kuitan Yes A rule allowing an open Tanyao hand (No Terminals and Honours)
Atodzuke Yes A rule allowing a Ron on a hand without yaku - as long as the claimed tile brings a yaku


No Claiming a melded set and then discarding a tile from the same set
Dabururon Yes A rule allowing a double-Ron, in the case of a triple-Ron the discarder credits all 3 players
Toripururon No As in Dabururon, when multiple players claim Ron on the same tile - all 3 are credited by the discarder
Akadora 3 character5reddot5redbamboo5red
Uradora Yes Additional Doras
Kandora Yes After each Kong claim additional Dora indicators are opened
Nuki Dora North wind Additional Dora tiles in the game
II Han Shibari Yes A rule requiring a minimum of 1 yaku for a winning hand
Yakitori No A rule requiring a penalty to be paid by a player that hasn’t won a single hand during the whole game
Bankruptcy Yes The game ends if one or more players drop to negative score
Riichi Yes A player with less than 1000 points cannot claim Riichi
Daburu Riichi Yes Claiming Riichi at the very first discard
Riichi claim on Furiten Yes A player can claim Riichi being on Furiten
Furiten Yes Not allowed to claim Ron being on Furiten
Renchan Yes Dealer’s win/Dealer having a tempai hand
Game ends at dealer’s win Yes If the dealer wins or has tempai in a draw game, and leads the scoreboard at the last distribution - the game ends
Shika-riichi No If 4 riichi claims are set - the game ends
Kyushu Kyuhai Yes A rule allowing a player to claim a draw with his initial hand if it has at least 9 yaochu (Terminals and Honours) as long as no combinations were claimed
Su Fon Renda No A draw is set if 4 same winds are discarded at the very first go-around, as long as no claims were made. The dealer changes
Draw on the 4th Kan No A draw is set when the same player claims their 4th Kan. The dealer changes
Nagashi Mangan Yes After an exhaustive draw, a player can claim this special hand if he has discarded only terminal and honour tiles and none of his discards has been claimed. The player receives payment equivalent to a mangan
Formal Tempai Yes A hand without yaku value can also be tempai
Insurance Penalty Yes A player that discards the tile that completes a Yakuman hand pays in full in case of Tsumo, half-in-half in case of Ron
Double Limit Yes Double yakuman payments are possible
Kazoe yakuman Yes If a hand is worth more than 12 yaku - only up to a “yakuman” payment can be given
Daisharin Yes (The Big Wheel) Seven consecutive pairs from 2 through 8 of the dots suit
Ryuu iisou Yes (All Green) Hand of green bamboo (2,3,4,6,8) and green dragons
Chuuren pooto Yes (Nine Gates) 1112345678999 + one duplicate of the same suit
Tenho Yes (Blessing of Heaven) The dealer wins on the initially distributed tiles
Chiho Yes (Blessing of Earth) Winning with selfdraw in the first go-around
Renho Yes (Blessing of Man) Claiming Ron on someone's first discard
Suu kantsu Yes (Four Kans) Yakuman hand consisting of four kans
Koku shimusou Yes (Thirteen Orphans) One of each honour and terminal and one duplicate.
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