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MahjongTime News

January 2015 Tournaments


Global Mahjong Tournaments are four-hour-long events, held every Saturday, that offer Mahjong Time members a chance to be ranked against each other in an official competitive environment.


Important Note: To be eligible for this year’s bonus GMT prizes a player MUST:
  • Play the tournament using Mahjong Time EON
  • Be a Mahjong Time member
Click on the “Tournaments” tab in the Mahjong Time lobby to register for GMT events!

This month's GMT winners are:

Hong Kong GMT
Riichi GMT
1st: tonyfurukawa
2nd: victorleilei
3rd: linda182
1st: hushishou22
2nd: ComboRus
3rd: a3geffen
1st: chuaben345
2nd: bedje100
3rd: ComboRus

1st: a3geffen
2nd: Ladybug1967
3rd: GamblingQueen


Thanks to all those who participated!

Click Here to see the schedule of GMT events.


madness_hewsletter.jpgThis month is Chinese New Year, and Mahjong Time is celebrating the Year of the Goat with a very special Chinese New Year Madness Tournament!

Mahjong Time is adding $200 to the regular Madness prize pool, which scales up with the number of players participating in the event.

Therefore, this Chinese New Year, Madness could feature one of the biggest prize pools to ever appear in online Mahjong: $1200! Details on the event are below:

Entry Fee: $67.50
Prize Pool:
    4 Players - $450
    8 Players - $700
    12 Players - $950
    16 Players - $1200

This event will be played on Saturday, February 28th.

Make this Chinese New Year your lucky year! Sign up for Madness today!

Click Here to check out the list of scheduled Madness events.

Zung Jung and Japanese Modern


Looking for special and unique rule sets to learn and test your skills in? Mahjong Time offers Zung Jung and Riichi Ari Ari events on Saturdays and Sundays at 15:30 GMT! These special events feature a 500 Golden Coin prize for Mahjong Time members in addition to the regular Dragon Chip prizes for Dragon Tournaments. The entry fee to participate in these events is only 5,000 Dragon Chips, so why not give them a try? Check out these great rule sets and win big every Saturday and Sunday!

Important Note: To be eligible for this year’s bonus GMT prizes a player MUST:
  • Play the tournament using Mahjong Time EON
  • Be a Mahjong Time member
Click Here to see the list of scheduled Dragon Tournament events (including Zung Jung and Japanese Modern)

The Riichi Ari Ari winner in January was: biggles6


Russian Open MCR Marathon 2015

The Russian Marathon, a colossal 10-month-long event is back and better than ever before in 2015! This year, all Mahjong Time members are invited to join in on the event! This very unique tournament requires not just skill, but dedication and fortitude, which are true virtues for mastering Mahjong.

The event will begin on February 1st and go through November 30th. It will be broken down into 5 stages - 2 months per stage, and will no longer include a break in the middle of the event. As with the last Russian Marathon, the table and game will be set up in the following way: 4 rounds or 100 min for the whole game | 8 sec per move | No game helper.

Winners for the Marathon will be decided for every stage separately, and for the entire Marathon as a whole. The prizes are:

For each stage:
1st place - 300GC, medal on profile
2nd place - 200GC
3rd place - 100GC

Whole Marathon:
1st place - VIP Yearly, medal on profile
2nd place - Premium Yearly, medal on profile
3rd place - Premium Yearly, medal on profile

Additionally, the best Russian player in the event will be the country’s champion, and will also receive a medal and VIP Yearly subscription.

The Marathon begins February 1st, and you will automatically be entered into the marathon when you play your first game. Good luck at the tables!

Regulations of Russian Open MCR Marathon 2015

January 2015 Tournaments
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