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Mahjong Time Anti-Collusion Initiatives

Dear Mahjong Time Community:

Collusion will always be a topic of discussion at any gaming-related site. We have briefly covered collusion on Mahjong Time, but we want to have an involved look at how collusion is not a profitable activity for players at Mahjong Time.

At Mahjong Time, the old saying is true that "cheaters never win". Thanks to our anti-collusion software, our anti-collusion team and our observant player community, Mahjong Time is the safest place to play online Mahjong game for Free and on paid basiss.

For our first example, let’s look at an average, honest cash or member game player on Mahjong Time. While enjoying heated competitive game play on Mahjong Time, this player wins an average number of games based on a mixture of his skill and also some luck. This person has the ability to participate in offered jackpots and the other promotions areas that Mahjong Time is running.

Now let's take a look at two people (or one person who tries to use multiple IP addresses/accounts) who decide to cheat through collusion. For the games they participate in, each of these two individuals will pay the entry fee, play the game, and may win or lose the game. Collusion in our game does present a very small mathematical advantage, however this advantage is negated once the cheaters are identified and their account balance is frozen. Collusion does also not guarantee winning by any means. The two players have to pay an entry fee individually, so they effectively have to win double the normal rate of games, which cannot be controlled due to the element of luck that exists in mahjong.

So how do we catch colluders? Our software has been watching every tile that is discarded and observing every hand they assemble. It also records every game they enter or leave. Notified of this activity by the software, our anti-collusion team then manually reviews all of the games the suspected cheaters have played in. Our team then confirms these players were cheating. What happens next? First of all, the two colluders are immediately banned. Then, any player who participated in games with these colluders will have their entry fees refunded. Finally, the money these colluders have won by cheating is taken away, and their entry fees are not refunded. So in the end, who wins? The honest players competing in honest games win, while the colluders don’t win at all, and in fact lose money in the form of entry fees.

Of course a big part of our catching colluders is YOU. If you suspect a group of players of collusion, please note as many details as you can and send us a note to We will immediately review the game history of the mentioned players and will look for suspicious activity. One thing to remember if there is suspicion of collusion is that random events do happen. Most people recognize and remember odd events much more than the common place. Please keep in mind odd occurrence of tiles by itself does not mean there is collusion or some sort of "hacking" involved. Mahjong Time has hundreds of games running every day, and with the element of luck in mahjong, there are bound to be some rare events that might make someone think the game is "rigged" or being manipulated in some way! For those of you that play poker, you probably hear stories of players saying that because their "four of a kind" was beat at the very end by a "straight flush", that the game is somehow rigged. This scenario is rare, but players must consider the volume of hands being dealt and in the big picture these events do happen.

We want all our players to understand that Mahjong Time receives no benefit in any sort of "manipulation" of games or in allowing any type of collusion. We benefit by having honest games played by a maximum number of people. As a company, our interest is in our players enjoying themselves and continuing to play our games.

As always we do appreciate all of you choosing to play at Mahjong Time. We want to be upfront about collusion with our players and make sure you know we aren't "sweeping this under the rug" or trying to pretend that collusion does not happen. We want you to be assured that it isn't profitable, people that do it will be caught and banned, and anyone that is affected will have fast and complete refunds. Thanks again for enjoying our site!


Slava Novozhenya COO
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