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MahjongTime News

2nd Tile Hog Tournament Features Players from the Netherlands

The 2nd Tile Hog Tournament was held on June 2, 2007, in Almere, Netherlands. This was the last major mahjong contest prior to the European Championship, which will be held June 21-24, 2007 in Copenhagen, Denmark. Mahjong Time, which is an official partner of Nederlandse Mahjong Bond (Dutch Mahjong League), awarded VIP passes to the top performing Mahjong Time members in the tournament.

In total, 72 players participated in this year’s 2nd Tile Hog Tournament, including 63 Dutch contestants, six French, one English, one Portuguese and one Austrian. The tournament, which carried a MERS 1 certification, was played over four 90-minute rounds.

The Dutch dominated the contest, with the top three finishers hailing from the Netherlands. The winner, Adrie Van Geffen, a.k.a. a3geffen, finished with a score of 270 points and 13 table points. Désirée Heemskerk, a.k.a. dees, ended up in second place and Gerda Van Oorschot, a.k.a. fleurtje, placed third.

Gerda Van Oorschot 3rd (NL), Adrie Van Geffen 1st (NL), Désirée Heemskerk 2nd (NL)

The highest finishing foreign player was French contestant Lionel Legaie, a.k.a. OukWei. Overall, the French players from the Magic Mahjong Social Pung all did well, with each finishing in the top third.

Magic Mahjong Social Pung players from France Sébastien Berret fleurdelotus, Lionel Legaie OukWei , Laurent Mahé mmsp Olivier Boivin 0liv, Nathalie Mahé Sodalite, Emma Guenel

First-place finisher Adrie Van Geffen, who lives in Rotterdam and teaches new technologies at the Delft University of Technology, initially began playing mahjong in 1977 when he was a student living in Utrecht, Netherlands. He entered his first tournament in 1999, participating in the Golden Dragon Hong Kong tournament of Nijmegen. Adrie, who is a member of the Rotterdam club ENMV (First Dutch MahJong Society), now plays only in tournaments and on He’s scheduled to compete in both the European Championship in June at Copenhagen and in the World Championship in November at Chengdu.

Adrie Van Geffen, a.k.a. a3geffen on MahJong Time Winner of the 2nd Tile Hog Tournament

The 2nd Tile Hog Tournament, which was organized by Robert Rijnders, a.k.a. dumarest, took place in a beautiful location situated near a wonderful lake. The tournament was well run and extremely exciting. Robert plans to organize next year’s Dutch Championship (MERS 2) in Almere.

All European qualified players are now looking forward to the European Championship held in Copenhagen in late June. This is the second European Championship tournament, which will be organized by the Danish Association. This tournament is the most prestigious and grandest competition to be held in Europe. A total of 136 players from Europe, Japan, the United States and China will participate.

Mahjong Time representative Slava Novozhenya is looking forward to attending the European Championship event and awarding VIP passes to the 10 top players.

Laurent Mahé
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Perfil del jugador: a3geffen
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