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February 2015 Tournaments


Global Mahjong Tournaments are four-hour-long events, held every Saturday, that offer Mahjong Time members a chance to be ranked against each other in an official competitive environment.


Important Note: To be eligible for this year’s bonus GMT prizes a player MUST:
  • Play the tournament using Mahjong Time EON
  • Be a Mahjong Time member
Click on the “Tournaments” tab in the Mahjong Time lobby to register for GMT events!

This month's GMT winners are:

Hong Kong GMT
Riichi GMT
1st: alex48
2nd: a3geffen
3rd: biggles6
1st: klary
2nd: Irina484
3rd: astroma
1st: TAHHA
2nd: a3geffen
3rd: GamblingQueen

1st: asnaleah
2nd: beadbebe
3rd: Ladybug1967


Thanks to all those who participated!

Click Here to see the schedule of GMT events.


madness_hewsletter.jpgMahjong Time players celebrated Chinese New Year with a very successful Madness Tournament! 16 players competed in the event on Saturday, Feb. 28th, which featured a $200 bonus to the prize pool, bringing the total prize up to a remarkable $1,200!!! The skilled and fortunate winners of this truly unique event were:

  • 1st place - bandit222 $500 prize + $100 bonus
  • 2nd place - SuzThomas $350 prize + $70 bonus
  • 3rd place - reminator $150 + $30 bonus

Thank you to all who took part in this celebration and made it joyous and fun for everyone.

Do you want to be part of the huge Madness winnings that happen every month at Mahjong Time? Now is your chance! March could be an even bigger month for Madness events with the $200 bonus prize extended to the March Taiwanese Madness Tournament! Want to be a part of the action sooner? Sign up for the Hong Kong Madness event played on March 29th!

Click Here to check out the list of scheduled Madness events.


Russian Open MCR Marathon 2015

The 2015 Open Russian Marathon is now in full swing with players from around the world competing in a true test of skill and endurance in the longest ever online Mahjong event! The Russian Marathon is a year-long tournament that is divided into 5 stages with 2 months per stage. We are currently halfway through the first stage, and the standings are:

1st - yenia
2nd - captainflam
3rd - TAHHA
4th - astroma
5th - Bes44

To see a detailed list of standings click here.

The Russian Marathon features prizes for each stage individually, and the whole event. The prizes are:

For each stage:
1st place - 300GC, medal on profile
2nd place - 200GC,
3rd place - 100GC

Whole Marathon:
1st place - VIP Yearly, medal on profile
2nd place - Premium Yearly, medal on profile
3rd place - Premium Yearly, medal on profile

For the first time ever, the Russian Marathon has been opened up to all players who are interested in competing. The first month may be behind us, but it’s not too late for any Mahjong Time member to join!

Профиль игрока: c00pdNnatop
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Глобальный турнир по Спортивному Маджонгу, состоится 7 августа
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