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Las Vegas Mah Jongg Madness - Master Points

This month I had the pleasure of attending the Mah Jongg Madness event in Las Vegas. Hosted by the “Mah Jongg Grandmaster” Gladys Grad. The event was a true delight, and featured top-notch organization, professionalism, and courteousness. The overall mood of the event was competitive and high-spirited, as players made their way through 2 days of NMJL play. The tournament qualified for its participants to earn Mah Jong Master Points, an official system for ranking NMJL tournaments worldwide. In the same spirit as the great experience that Mah Jongg Madness provides for their participants, Mahjong Time will be hosting NMJL Master Points Tournaments! Stay tuned for more news to come!

Las Vegas Mah Jongg Tournament 2012

From left: Kimberlyacp(Kimberly), Slava, deadbebe(Lynne)

Slava and Tom Sloper(on the right)

1tiletony(Tony Rizzutto)

Written by Slava Novozhenya Mahjong Time CEO

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