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Mahjong Time - Help FAQ



  1. Can I chat with other players?
  2. How can I chat with a friend during a game?
  3. How can I add someone to my Friend List?
  4. How do I send a private message?
  5. Where do I report abuse or harassment?
  6. What type of conduct is allowed or not allowed on the website?

Game Items

  1. Open Wall
  2. Time Bank
  3. Coffee Break
  4. Voice Chat


Q: Can I chat with other players?
A: Yes, you can chat in the public chat and during the game – the chat window is located in the bottom right corner of the game screen.

Q: How can I chat with a friend during a game?
A: You can chat using the Friend List menu in the User Bar or in the Friends tab.

Q: How can I add someone to my Friend List?
A: You can add someone to your Friend List by clicking on his name in the Online Players list – then clicking on the Add to Friend List will add that user to your friend list making him accessible even during a game.

If you would like to add a player that you e currently playing with – click on his/her avatar and perform the same actions as above.

Q: How do I send a private message?
A: If you would like to send a message to a user that is in your friend list, simply click on their name and choose the Send message option.

If you would like to send a message to a user that is not in your friend list – you can click on his/her avatar during a game and choose the Open Chat with Player option, or if you are in the Online Players room – press on his/her name and choose the Open Chat with Player option.

Q: Where do I report abuse or harassment?
A: If another player is harassing you or violating our Rules of Conduct, you may report about that player via the contact us form. Please be sure to include the person's player name as well as the date, time, and a detailed description of the incident.

Q: What type of conduct is allowed or not allowed on the website?
A: Mahjong Time reserves the right to terminate accounts of users who violate these standards, or who in any way abuses the community purpose of the chat areas.

  1. You must be at least 18 years old to participate in any part on the Site.
  2. Profanity, obscenities, or the use of **asterisks** or other "masking" characters to disguise such words, is not permitted.
  3. Obscene, lewd, slanderous, pornographic, abusive, violent, insulting, indecent, threatening and harassing language of any kind will not be tolerated.
  4. Site player names will be displayed as 'Your Name'; impersonating other players is not allowed.
  5. Opinions or comments on the subject at hand are welcomed, but attacking (flaming) individuals, companies or products is not allowed.
  6. Advertising or promotion of other companies or URLs is not allowed.
  7. Do not share personal information (your full name, phone number, home address, and password) with others on the site. Website staff never requests account passwords! Anyone who requests your password must be reported at once.
  8. No advertising of any kind is allowed in messages.
  9. No copyrighted materials are allowed in messages.
  10. Information disclosed in the Site chat rooms becomes property of the Site and is revealed to the public. The Site is not responsible for any information you choose to disclose to others.
  11. Advanced fonts, java, tables, html, or other programming codes or commands are not allowed in messages.

Game Items

We offer a set of features aimed at making your mahjong experience as comfortable as it can be!

1. Open Wall
Have you ever wondered how close were you to claiming that tile you needed for the whole deal? Now you can use the Open Wall feature at the end of each deal – and see the rest of the wall, along with the Dead Wall – turned over. Now you can satisfy your curiosity with a single click of the mouse on the Open Wall button. 10 Open Wall uses are only 10 Golden Coins!

2. Time Bank
For times when you’re surrounded by distractions during the game – you can purchase additional time for making your decision. Use the Time Bank feature that adds up to 30 seconds per deal for you to discard or claim a tile! Check the hour-glass timer during your turn for how much time you have left! A total of 100 seconds or 200 seconds are worth 100 and 200 Golden Coins.

3. Coffee Break
If you need a short break after a deal – whether it's a coffee refill, or a bathroom situation – use the Coffee Break feature to get 3 minutes between a deal! 10 or 20 uses are worth 100 and 200 Golden Coins!

4. Voice Chat
You can also make your playing much brighter with the Voice Chat feature! You can send voice comments along with smiley faces during the game! Click on the smiley button and select the emotion you wish to express. 10 uses are worth only 10 Golden Coins!.

Important: Please note that you have 2 seconds after each deal to use the Coffee Break and the Open Wall features - so be quick! Both activation buttons are located on the Total Score menu when the deal ends.

All Premium or VIP players receive 10 and 20% bonuses on their item purchases. To check how many items you have left - check the upper toolbar for the status of your items!

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