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MCR Combined Black Belt Tournament

Tournament Rules

Combined Black Belt Tournament Details:

  • Date: January 13th
  • Start Time: 8 AM Pacific Time / 5 PM Budapest Time
  • Format: Following the All Black Belt tournament
  • Participants: Open to both brown and black belt players
  • Special for Brown Belts: The first-place brown belt player will be promoted to black belt status. No other prizes for brown belt participants.
  • Entry Fee: 500 coins

Additional Gifts from Ildiko/tyltyl:

In addition to the monetary prizes, Ildiko/tyltyl is generously offering extra gifts for the winners, particularly for certain game achievements: All Green, Pure Terminal Chows, All Five, and Reversible tiles These exclusive rewards include bracelets and rings with dragon motifs, adding an extra layer of excitement and recognition to the tournament. Ildiko/tyltyl's intention is to promote specific Mahjong hands like all five or reversible tiles with these special gifts, providing an incentive for players to explore and master these challenging hands.

Black Belt Scoring Continuity:

Black belt players will carry over half of their scores from the All Black Belt Tournament to the Combined Black Belt Tournament.

Prize Distribution:

The prize pool consists of the gold coins collected from entry fees.

  • First Prize: 50% of collected coins plus a One-Year VIP Membership
  • Second Prize: 35% of collected coins
  • Third Prize: 15% of collected coins

Rake Percentages:

  • VIP Members: 0% rake
  • Premium Members: 10% rake
  • Free/No Subscription Players: 20% rake

Tournament Structure:

  • Rounds: 4 per tournament
  • Game Timer: 60 minutes
  • Table Minimum Points: 8

Scoring and Ranking:

Points are awarded based on placements in each tournament. Cumulative points from both tournaments will determine overall rankings.

Tie-Breaking Rules:

If there's a tie in cumulative points, the player’s performance in the second tournament will be decisive. If a tie persists, the player with the most individual game wins across both tournaments will be ranked higher.

Fair Play and Disqualification:

Repeated absences, disconnections, or unsportsmanlike behavior may lead to disqualification. Mahjong Time enforces rules for integrity and fairness.

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